Guarding Yourself During the Home-Buying Process

Understanding Complexities in the Home-Buying Process

Things can be chaotic and confusing when buying a home, making improvements or carrying out a land-use project. For the parties involved to be in agreement, a lot of complexities can be presented. Real estate transactions are every day becoming more and more troublesome, and even the slightest form of misunderstanding can end up being costly for the parties involved. Laws that govern homeowners and tenants are always different from those that govern other types of purchases.

Hiring A Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

All you need is a lawyer who can always confirm for you the validity of contracts, negotiate the contracts for you and protect and implement your sole rights as the true property owner. A real estate attorney is always able to provide for defense if your contract is abused or defend you as a tenant or landlord in property damage mitigations.

A property may have hidden problems known as “latent defects” that you as a buyer may not even be aware of the first time you visit your potential home. The title deed may also not be valid, or its validity could be questioned. This may eventually leave you without a home if by bad luck you happen to purchase a home that was on a mortgage and the owner had a bank loan. Eventually, the bank will foreclose your home regardless of whether you completed your payment or not.

After all parties have finally agreed to the contract, your lawyer will begin to finalize the process and ensure a smooth and secure closing of the deal. He makes sure that everything is in order prior to the deal closure. It is important that the client understand every bit of the contract and process, regardless of how familiar everything may seem to your representative.

Hiring a lawyer from our staff can always make this matter easier and safer for you. Call us to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Protect Your Real Estate Transactions with a New York Real Estate Attorney

Guard Your Real Estate Rights by Hiring an Attorney

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying or selling, you need to protect yourself. Real estate can be a tricky thing, and this is why it’s important to hire someone from our staff. Through the rest of this article we’ve outlined situations where our services are needed. If you fit into one or more of these categories, it’s in your best interest to give us a call.


What We Can Do for You

1) We will protect you and your interests. When it comes to real estate, everyone has their own agenda. It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling, everyone has an angle. We will prevent someone from taking advantage of you.

2) We see a variety of people on a regular basis. We have the education and the skills to anticipate anything and everything. If you go through this alone, you can’t be sure your interests will be protected properly. Buyers and sellers may not always be true to their word and could take advantage of you.

This is why you need to be protected. There are lots of problems which can and will arise, and one of our experienced lawyers will be right there to assist you with them.

3) We will review the purchase agreement as this can also be a problem. Owners aren’t always going to be honest. The owner will omit certain things, all in the name of selling a property. It’s all about the money and without help you don’t always get your deposit back, even if you are entitled to it.

We can help you navigate through these troubled waters. We have the knowledge and experience to handle any real estate matter.

Securing Your New York Real Estate Investment

Why You Need A Real Estate Lawyer in New York

Are you in need of assistance with anything that regards real estate in New York City? The city is a massive real estate market that is governed by many rules and regulations. You would be shocked at all the different issues you could run into when you are purchasing real estate in the city, and you need to have a lawyer who can help you with all of your transactions.


Keeping Yourself Secure by Finding The Right Attorney for You

The buildings you buy in the city can be rent controlled to a certain extent. You are trying to make money on the building, but rent control prevents the rent from rising too much at one time. You have to know what the rent control entails for your space, and you must make sure you understand what your profit margin will be in that situation.

The buildings you buy into must give you the amenities and options you need. You want to sign a contract on an apartment or condo that is going to be safe and beneficial for you. You want to go to a place where the rent will not get too expensive, and you need to make sure that the building is the kind of place you want to live in. Your lawyer can help you research the building, and you will learn quickly where the best places for you are.

The buildings you rent in may not always treat you well, and you need to have an advocate that is going to help you when you run into trouble. The advocates that you work with the most are going to provide you with assistance protecting your rights, and they will help you argue against your landlord in court if it is needed.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure that you are working with someone that can help you today. Give us a call right now if you need help with a real estate matter in the city. New York is a big place, and you should remember that the attorney you hire will protect your rights no matter the circumstances.

3 Big Reasons to Hire Us to Represent You and Your Real Estate Investments

Real Estate LawWhy Choose Us?

There are many reasons to hire someone from our staff. We have worked with a wide variety of clients over the years. Let’s be honest, not all of our clients need us. Some of them just need a quick consultation and that’s it. There are many clients on our list that do need all of the different services we offer. Let’s take a look at some of the situations we handle right now.


Our Expertise

1) We know how to handle court documents. Many of our clients are confused by this process and this is where we come in. What many don’t understand is the actual process itself. If there is just one late filing, it can cause a delay in the trial. This won/t bode well for those who have their livelihood hanging in the balance.

2) Hiring someone from our firm will prevent any future headaches. It’s best to take care of issues right away and not leave then until the last minute. In those circumstances, often times he or she gets taken advantage of. Hiring someone from our staff can prevent this. Do you know how to read a contract? Do you know what the fine print is really saying? How many are going to be honest about it? We can help you with the contract and tell you what the fine print is really saying.

3) We will know the best way to handle your case, when it comes to plea bargain versus settlement. Sometimes a plea bargain is the best option and other times it’s a settlement. Most clients don’t know which is the better way to go. Even if they do, they end up getting taken advantage of in the process. If you a hire a reputable law firm, like us, you will get the best options presented to you. We don’t just make a choice based on us, we work for our client’s benefit.

Please do yourself a favor and hire us now. You can’t afford to put your livelihood at risk.

3 Key Reasons You Need a NY Real Estate Lawyer

Importance of A NY Real Estate Lawyer

When you are thinking about investing in real estate property, you need to understand the litigious nature of the society and get partners that will help you make legal decisions. The purpose of a real estate attorney is helping you as a client make all the right choices when you are buying, selling and leasing the real estate property. To understand the importance of hiring a NY Real Estate Lawyer, you need to have a look at the services they offer.


Services They Provide

  1. They will help you make leasing agreements

Real estate agents are authorized to do a few tasks such as overseeing the signing of leases. However, only a qualified real estate attorney has the legal authority to make a lease agreement. A competent attorney will ensure that your liability is limited in the agreement and that your business interests are protected at all times. They will also make sure that there are clauses that make the client liable for all the damages that they may cause during their tenure at the property.

  1. They will solve property related disputes for you

No matter how well you prepare and protect yourself from liability when investing, there will always be “that one client.” When you are faced with a property related suit, having an attorney who has been around and understands everything about your property is very important. They help with cases such as: cases related to injury on therental property and disputes related to landlord and tenant agreements. These are just a few of the cases that they will help you to resolve.

  1. Overseeing the acquisition and disposal of property

Buying or selling real estate property should be handled with a lot of care. This is because there are a lot of people out there waiting to capitalize on a person’s mistakes and reap the benefits. Attorneys will make sure deeds to the property you are acquiring are legit and that the property isn’t contested. This will protect you from losing money to swindlers.

For any real estate investing problem you could be facing, call us today for a legal solution.



Looking For A Good Lawyer? WE CAN HELP!

What We Can Do for You

Imagine for a moment you live your life as though nothing is wrong. Then for a moment your life is turned upside down. Now you need a lawyer and will have to face a judge. We know someone who has been there before and understand the struggle that comes with it.


How We Can Help You Succeed in Your Legal Battle

In this age of uncertainty, everyone needs a helping hand. Whenever faced with a lawsuit or are seeking legal justice, you will need all the help you can get. To the common person, the law seems scary and lawyers intimidating. We understand the situations and why you might be afraid. The judge may look imposing and the lawyers intimidating, but that is not the case! Court rooms may look that way, but they do not have to be as our law firm is dedicated to helping you.

No matter the case and regardless of circumstances, we can offer you the best service and advice in your legal battle. We offer upfront and honest answers to your hard questions. We want to provide you with the best regarding your legal troubles. Are you not sure where to go or who to turn to? Then come to us! We pride ourselves with helping anyone with a legal need. Our lawyers are well trained and well adept at assisting you with anything that’s needed! It does not matter if your case involves civil law, criminal law, traffic law, business law or family law, we are here to help!

If you are someone who needs a lawyer or has a question about the law, we can help you! Our staff of compassionate associates are more than willing to accept your call. We want to hear from you as we want to help you! No matter the circumstances, situations or ordeals, we are more than willing to help you and take your case. We promise results, not hype. So if you need our services, please call. We want to be there for you. With our lawyers representing you and your case, there will be no more need to feel afraid of the court room. Our law firm wants to do everything it can to help so please give us a call.

How A Lawyer Can Protect Your Business

Business Problems in Need of Legal Attention

In today’s litigious society there are any number of reasons that a company would need to have a lawyer on retainer. Most of these reasons are related to human resources issues, such as insurance cases and harassment, but some companies also need to deal with potential copyright issues. Interestingly, social media is becoming another issue for some companies, and is becoming a bigger issue as more companies use social media as part of their advertising. As such, having access to legal counsel will always be something that companies need.


How These Problems Arise And How We Fix Them

It may be weird to realize that non-publishing companies need to worry about copyright issues, but as more companies enter the blogosphere it will become a greater issue. This is because, as companies look for more content for their blogs, it is likely that they will steal copy from other sites just as other sites will attempt to steal content from them. This means that a company needs help keeping its content safe just as it needs to ensure that it is not grabbing someone else’s content by accident. A lawyer can go after them and get the content that rightfully belongs to the company and help broker deals for other copy.

Social media creates its own problems. Companies that use photographs of its workforce in posts need to deal with releases, as well as understand when those releases are not needed. There are also potential issues with slander that need to be debated; there is a difference between an honest opinion and an actual attack, and one of them can be the case for a potential lawsuit. A lawyer becomes a necessity in determining that difference as well as to deal with the steps of a lawsuit, if applicable. This means that a lawyer is necessary to protect the good name of the company.

These new frontiers require that a business has a lawyer on retainer. By calling us we can set up a meeting to decide just how well we can help you. With an interest towards ensuring that your company is following all of the correct regulations when it comes to managing the content of our blogs and social media, as well as protecting your reputation. Call us and let us see what we can do for you.

Find an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer in New York

The Right Lawyer to Help You with Your Real Estate Endeavors

No matter which side you’re on, buying and/or selling a home is not an easy process. You need an experienced NY real estate lawyer on your side to ensure everything goes as planned without a hitch. Real estate law is a complicated process that needs the undivided attention of a seasoned professional to make sure that you’re legally protected and getting a good deal. When you work with the right lawyer, your real estate stresses will be lifted from your shoulders immediately.


New York Real Estate Legal Services Include But Are Not Limited to the Following:

1) Foreclosures
2) Buying
3) Selling
4) Deed transfers
5) Closing
6) Refinancing and so much more!


Get the Solid Advice You Need

A real estate lawyer will help you with everything from deed transfers and the closing process to refinancing your mortgage. You never have to worry about filing paperwork or arguing with lenders. Your lawyer will handle all the hard work for you so that this process is as stress-free as possible. Instead of havint it take months because you don’t know where to start or what you’re doing, your lawyer can make things happen in just a matter of weeks. That means you’re not left waiting around for a sense of security. Your lawyer will be able to help you make good decisions, and steer you in the best direction possible. Whether you’re arguing over closing costs or trying to stop a foreclosure, having an experienced lawyer on your side is never a bad idea.


Get the Help You Need in New York

If you’re looking for a reputable lawyer to handle your case in New York, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced professionals know what it takes to get your case opened and closed in no time. No matter how simple or complicated your situation is, they’ll help you navigate the entire process without breaking your bank account. Give us a call now to schedule your initial consultation or for more information. When your worries are laid to rest in the first five minutes, you’ll be glad you gave us that call.

Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer

images-3Getting Help from A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce has become so common that many people who are considering it may feel they have no need of legal services. They want to download forms off the Internet, fill them out and have them notarized at the bank, and then finalize the divorce by filing the documents at the courthouse.


The Drawn-Out Process

However, divorce is not usually that easy. Most couples cannot readily agree to division of assets or child-related issues such as custody and visitation. That is why they are divorcing to begin with. A divorce lawyer serves as an objective party to represent one side or the other if the divorce is contested, or to arrange for a no-fault divorce if the parties are in general agreement.


The Attorney’s Responsibility

A divorce attorney understands the laws that pertain to a married couple who want to end their union. Issues like division of assets and property as well as tax filing status and retirement benefits may need to be considered along with issues pertaining to any minor children the couple may have. The attorney will explain how the process works, advise the couple how to prepare, lead them through the documentation and filing process, and then facilitate the final resolution when the court issues a judgment of divorce. Terms, conditions, and any payments that are mandated will be explained and coordinated to finalize the parties’ divorce case.

Anyone who is contemplating a divorce should contact a lawyer who specializes in that field of law. It is important to know what is involved in a divorce, beginning with a legal separation and perhaps leading to an amicable or friendly divorce as opposed to one that is bitterly contested. The couple’s children need to be protected as much as possible from their parents’ disputes and anger. Classes may be offered or required by the court for couples or families proceeding through a divorce.

The attorney will prepare one or both spouses for the divorce proceedings and try to expedite the situation if possible. Trying to get divorced without legal representation can be complicated, and in some cases, truly difficult. Call our office to get more information.

Who Needs A NY Real Estate Lawyer?

Why Is A Real Estate Lawyer A Necessary Asset?

When we start to talk about New York real estate law, many people think who needs a lawyer? So many people assume they are just buying or selling or renting a space. Who would need a lawyer for that? The problem is, it is not always as cut and dry as many people think. New York laws are tough and they are that way for a reason. Often you need to talk to an attorney who knows the ins and outs of New York law. This is a great idea to protect everyone in the real estate transaction.


Problems They Can Solve for You

For example, if you are dealing with a New York real estate agent, there are things that they have to disclose to you. On the other hand, there are things they must tell you only if you ask the correct questions. If the question is never asked, the real estate agent does not have to tell you about it. As another example, let’s say you are buying a house and it is a very low price. Do you wonder why? Was there a murder that happened there? Was it a drug house that got sold and repaired? Is it a bad neighborhood? Perhaps these are things the real estate agent does not have to come right out and tell you unless you ask. A NY real estate lawyer will ask these questions and get all the facts on your behalf.

What if something happens to the foundation of the building and you don’t find it out until after you purchased it? Could there be a legal solution? It is far better to have a lawyer on your side from the start then to have to try and sort it all out half way through or all the way after the sale. The lawyer can advise you as to which documents to sign and which to have rewritten before the transaction is complete. It always pays to have a lawyer on your side during these arrangements.

Many people think that engaging the service of a lawyer is too costly or that they can do without it. The truth is, you often suffer needlessly because you didn’t take the time to consult with an attorney. Call us today and we will look out for you, our client.